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Parivritta = Rotated Tri = Three; Kona = angle; Asana = Posture

Legs are three feet apart. Front foot is pointed straight to the front of the mat. Back foot is placed at a 60 - 800 angle with the front heel in line with the back heel or slightly wider to provide stability. Weight is distributed evenly to all four corners of each foot. Both hips are turned to face forward. Back arm reaches as far forward as possible and comes across the midline of the body. Hand rests on the front shin or on a block to the outside edge of the front foot. Lower back is flat and shoulders are down and back. Torso is rotated inward. Front arm rotates open and reaches straight up as a natural extension of the rotation of the torso.

Benefits of the posture:

  • massages the abdominal organs
  • opens the rib cage, facilitating deeper breathing
  • opens the hips and legs in internal rotation and stimulates elimination

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