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Parsva = Side; Uttana = Intense; Asana = Posture

Legs are approximately three feet apart. Front foot is pointed straight to the front of the mat. Back foot is placed at a 60 - 800 angle with the front heel in line with the back heel. Hips are rotated such that the back hip is forward, front hip is back. Hand variations are as follows, arms in prayer, arms behind the back in namaste, or arms above the head, all ten fingers interlaced except the index fingers which are pointed up. Torso is lifted up out of the hips to start then bent forward at the hip. Forehead is brought to the knee. Front knee is bent if necessary to make forehead to knee contact. Sit bones are lifted as abdomen is drawn back and in allowing the spine to lengthen. Hands may be placed on either side of the foot for support.

Benefits of the posture:

  • massages reproductive and abdominal organs
  • invigorates the heart, thyroid, and brain
  • helps with menopause

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