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Manduka = Frog; Asana = Posture

From a neutral table top position, forearms are drawn down to the earth and hands are clasped. Shoulders are relaxed away from the ears. Thighs are opened by walking the knees straight out to the sides. The hip, knee and ankle joints are all bent at 900 so that the joints are square. The sacrum is pressed gently away from the head to prevent overarching of the low back. Legs are active and pressed into the earth. One knee and then the other can be pressed more deeply into the earth and then softened and moved a little further apart to deepen the stretch. Breath is comfortable and is used to soften the tension in the hips and pelvis.

Benefits of the posture:

  • opens the hip joints in abduction
  • a degree of pelvic stabilization is maintained, which strengthens the low back while opening the hips
  • opens and massages the digestive and reproductive systems and is helpful for elimination

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