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Kapota = Pigeon; Asana = Posture

From neutral table top position, right side: the right knee comes forward between the hands and rests on the ground behind the right wrist. The right foot comes as far toward the left wrist as possible. The more parallel the shin is with the edge of the mat, the deeper the stretch. Hips are squared by drawing the front hip back and the back hip forward. Fingers are spread wide on the mat and firmly support the torso. The rib cage is lifted evenly from all four corners as the shoulder blades are drawn down and back. If comfortable, the torso can be brought forward resting in sleeping pigeon. Arms are stretched out in front of the torso and forehead rests on the mat. Buttocks are released and a support may be used if needed. Torso lengthens as the pelvis grounds towards the earth. Pelvis remains straight forward. If MERMAID variation is desired, the left leg bends at the knee and the top of the foot rests in the crook of the elbow of the left arm. The right arm is drawn overhead and fingertips clasp. Torso remains lifted and hips square.

Benefits of the posture:

  • opens the hip joints in abduction and flexion
  • provides a powerful stretch and opening for the buttocks and the piriformis muscle, which can be helpful for sciatica
  • massages digestive and reproductive organs and is helpful for elimination

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