Lotus Petal Yoga


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Padma = Lotus; Asana = Posture

This posture is best entered in stages to insure the proper opening of the hips. From a seated position, right side: The right leg is crossed in front of the left. If knees are lifted off of the floor or there is discomfort, a pillow or blanket should be used under the sit bones and supports can also be used under the knees. To start in half lotus, the right leg is drawn up and the ankle is placed on the left thigh with the heel touching the hip joint. The sole of the foot is turned up and the ankle joint is lengthened. If comfortable in half lotus, full lotus can be achieved by bringing the left foot up onto the right thigh with the sole of the foot also pointed upward. The front and the back of the torso is lifted energetically. Hands rest on knees or in another variation of your choice.

Benefits of the posture:

  • opens hips
  • creates a sense of balance throughout the body
  • assists elimination
  • creates a stable base for meditation

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