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Go = cow; Mukha = Face; Asana = Posture

Starting in neutral table top position, the right leg is crossed behind the left at the knee. Feet are spread apart and the tops of the feet are pressed into the earth. Thighs are squeezed together as the buttocks are brought to the earth or to rest on a pillow or blanket. Rib cage is lifted evenly from the pelvis from all four sides as the shoulders are drawn down and back. The left arm is brought overhead. The arm is bent at the elbow such that the fingertips rest behind the shoulder. The right arm is brought around behind the back and both hands are interlaced at the fingertips. A strap or tie can be used as needed to get the grip. Once the hands are joined, the elbows are drawn gently away from each other and space is created between the shoulder blades. Chin is parallel to the floor. Thighs squeeze together.

Benefits of the posture:

  • opens buttocks and deep rotator muscles of the hip, including the piriformis
  • helpful for sciatica
  • massages the digestive and reproductive organs
  • massages and purifies the lymph nodes of the groin and underarms, providing immune support
  • helpful in preventing bursitis and rotator cuff injury when practiced with correct alignment

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