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Baddha = Bound, firm, restrained; Kona = Angle; Asana = Posture

Knees are bent and soles of the feet are drawn together and up toward the perineum. Knees drop out to the sides. Heels rest about six inches in front of the body. Feet can be opened up like a book with the thumbs pressing into the arches of the feet. Thighs press out diagonally from the body lengthening from the hip to the knee. Pelvic floor has a wide base of support as legs are opened wide. Crown of the head is lifted, back of the neck is lengthened and head is in line with the spine. Elbows gently press onto the inner thighs, helping to spread them outward.

Benefits of the posture:

  • opens the hip joints in abduction and flexion
  • good for digestion and elimination
  • helpful in preparation for childbirth when not overdue
  • opens the main energy channels along the spine and directs energy upward.

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