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Supta = Reclining, lying down; Vira = Hero; Asana = Posture

Hips are seated between the heels with the tops of the feet on the floor and knees together. A pillow or block may be used under the sit bones for support if the sit bones do not reach the floor. Shins and the tops of the feet are pressed into the ground through the little toe sides of the feet. Rib cage is lifted and shoulders are relaxed. Torso is lengthened through the crown of the head. Hands are brought back behind the feet, fingertips face forward. Torso is lowered onto the forearms, head rests back. Sternum is lifted and upper back is arched. Chest, heart, lungs and shoulder blades are open. Head and neck are in line with the spine.

Benefits of the posture:

  • creates flexibility and alignment in the hips, legs and knees
  • tractions the spinal column
  • massages reproductive organs

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