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Matsya = Fish; Asana = Posture

From a supine position, arms are relaxed and shoulders move down and away from the ears. Knees are bent and soles of the feet are placed on the floor as the sacrum is pressed into the earth. Hands are placed under the buttocks, palms face down. Legs straighten as the torso is pressed into the elbows and the chest is lifted. The head drops back onto the earth. Forearms are pressed into the earth such that there is only light pressure on the head with the resting point of the head just behind the crown. Neck is lengthened. Buttocks are pressed into the hands as the sternum lifts up and away form the pelvis. A long arc of energy is created from the tailbone through each vertebra to the crown of the head.

Benefits of the posture:

  • strengthens the shoulders and upper back
  • opens the diaphragm
  • massages the heart and lungs
  • stimulates the immune system through activation of the thymus
  • massages and opens the thyroid and parathyroid

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