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Dhanura = Bow; Asana = Posture

Abdomen rests on the floor, legs are drawn together, arms rest along side the torso and forehead rests on the mat. Knees are bent and arms clasp the ankles from behind. Feet are flexed and the tops of the thighs are pressed into the earth. Shoulder blades are rolled down and back and spread wide apart. The torso is lifted off of the earth as the spine and the front of the body lengthen. Soles of the feet press upward. Chest and legs press away from each other. Knees are drawn slightly in towards each other.

Benefits of the posture:

  • heats and strengthens the entire body, especially the legs, buttocks and low back
  • massages the abdominal and reproductive organs, including the kidneys and adrenal glands

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