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Bhujanga = Cobra; Asana = Posture

Abdomen rests on the floor, legs are drawn together and all muscles of the legs are fully engaged. Hands are brought to the shoulders with the elbows tucked into the sides and pressed back. Shoulders are relaxed away from the ears and shoulder blades are drawn down and back. Fingers are spread wide and the entire hand is used for support. The pubic bone is pressed into the floor and the torso is lifted off of the mat to a comfortable height using just the strength of the back muscles. Low back is lengthened as the buttocks relax energetically toward the backs of the thighs. The chest is drawn forward and the tops of the feet are pressed into the floor. In full (king) cobra posture, the arms straighten leaving only a microbend in the elbow joint. Gaze is directly forward or up.

Benefits of the posture:

  • the strong extension creates spinal health as long as the forces are distributed evenly
  • provides powerful massage and opening for the endocrine system

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