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Mayura = Peacock; Asana = Posture

From a kneeling position, palms plant on the floor fingers turned back toward the torso (thumbs pointing out to the sides). Elbows are bent and outer forearms are drawn together. Front of the torso leans onto the backs of the upper arms as the elbows burrow deep into the belly at or below the navel. If the elbows slide apart they can be bound with a strap. The belly is firmed up against the pressure of the elbows. Knees straighten and legs stretch out behind the torso. Buttocks are firm and shoulders are slightly rounded downward. Head is lifted off the floor and gaze is forward. Weight shifts forward. Legs lift up off the floor as the weight is shifted and the belly and buttocks are firmed up.

Benefits of the posture:

  • builds strength and stamina, especially for the shoulder girdle
  • massages abdominal organs
  • good for elimination

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