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From downward facing dog, right side: The right foot steps to the outside of the right arm. The foot is placed on the mat well in front of the hand. The elbow is bent and the torso is twisted dropping the shoulder and the whole side of the body as low as possible onto the inner thigh. The thigh presses towards the torso as the left arm and shoulder slide as far back underneath the back of the left thigh as possible. The back of the thigh rests as far as possible on the upper arm. Weight is centered between the hands as the front foot creeps forward along the floor such that more and more weight of the leg comes onto the arm. The foot will naturally move out to the side. Knee is straightened as much as possible. Both elbows bend as the weight of the torso is shifted forward between the hands until the left leg can lift off the mat. Left leg lifts strongly until it is parallel to the floor and the ball of the foot presses straight back. Chest is lifted until the torso is parallel to the floor. Head is lifted and gaze is forward. Eyes and forehead remain soft.

Benefits of the posture:

  • builds strength and stamina, especially for the shoulder girdle
  • massages abdominal organs
  • good for elimination

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