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Vria = Hero, Brave; Bhadra = Virtuous; Asana = Posture

Legs are wide. Front foot is pointed straight to the front of the mat. Back foot is placed at a 450 angle with the arch of the back foot in line with the heel of the front foot. Front knee is bent at a 900 angle. Knee is stacked directly over the ankle. Arms are lifted to shoulder height and reach away from each other. Shoulder blades down and back, relaxed away forearms. The outside edge of the back foot presses firmly into the mat. Pelvis widens. Gaze is out over the front fingertips. In REVERSE WARRIOR variation, back hand slides down the back leg and rests on the side of the knee or slightly below. Very little weigh rests in this hand. Front arm reaches towards the sky and gaze is drawn upward.

Benefits of the posture:

  • strengthens the shoulders, legs pelvis and hips

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