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Kaka = Crow; Asana = Posture

From a squat position, hands are placed on the earth about one foot in front of the body with the arms about hip distance apart and parallel. Fingers are spread wide with a firm base of support between the thumbs and index fingers and the pads under the knuckles. Knees are drawn as close to the armpits as possible and rest on the triceps muscles. Knees press against the arms and arms press against the knees equally. Shoulder blades are relaxed down creating space across the front and back of the chest. Torso is lifted up and forward. Body comes forward as the weight of the legs and torso rest on the upper arms. Feet are lifted off the floor one at a time. Once the balance point is achieved, toes touch. As the pose is held longer, core strength is increased.

Benefits of the posture:

  • builds strength and stamina, especially for the shoulder girdle
  • massages abdominal organs

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