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Sarva = All; Anga = Limbs; Asana = Posture

Lying on the mat, arms are placed at the sides of the torso, palms face down. Shoulders are relaxed away from the ears. Legs are lifted into the air at a 900 angle. Hands are placed under the backs of the hips. Elbows are pressed into the earth. Hands support the pelvis as the hips roll up off the earth. Hands are placed under the pelvis such that the base of the palm cups the iliac crest to support the weight of the body evenly while tractioning the spine. Legs lengthen out and rest at a 700 with the ankles directly above the face. Forearms are aligned parallel to each other and weight is distributed evenly across both hands. Shoulders are pressed outward away from each other to create space between the shoulder blades and allow greater freedom and space for the neck. Torso is lifted upright. Elbows are walked toward each other and torso comes on top of the shoulders. Pelvis is pressed forward to create space in the front and back of the rib cage.

Benefits of the posture:

  • strengthens the abdomen, hips and legs
  • provides stability for the pelvis
  • brings blood to the face and brain for increased vitality
  • massages thyroid and thymus
  • reverses the position of all the internal organs, regulating their function

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