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Adho = Downward; Mukha = Face; Svana = Dog; Asana = Posture

From table top position, hands are shoulder distance apart. All five fingers are spread and firmly planted into the mat. Eyes of the elbows are rotated forward as shoulder blades are drawn down and back. Toes are curled under as sit bones are lifted into the air. Knees are slightly bent and heels are reaching towards the floor. Feet are hip distance apart. Body lengthens through the arms and spine as one line of energy is created from the wrists to the pelvis. Hips lift into the air as the legs are straightened. To deepen the stretch, heels can be walked from side to side.

Benefits of the posture:

  • creates integration and balance between upper and lower body
  • strengthens and stretches the legs and shoulders
  • calms the nervous system

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