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Chatur = Four, Anga = Limbs; Danda = Stick, staff; Asana = Postu

In neutral table top position, hands are shoulder distance apart, shoulders stacked over wrists. Knees are hip distance apart, hips stacked over knees. Fingers are spread wide and weight is evenly pressed into the mat. Spine lengthens from the tailbone to the crown of the head, shoulders are relaxed away from the ears. Arms rotate such that the eyes of the elbows face forward. One leg stretches out, toes curled under. The other leg then stretches out, toes curled under. Heels are pressed back and crown of the head is pressed forward, torso lengthened. Weight is shifted forward over shoulders. Belly button is drawn in towards the spine. Pelvis slightly tucked.

Benefits of the posture:

  • develops postural stability for the entire body
  • strengthens and aligns shoulder joints which may prevent injury
  • develops overall fitness level including heart and lungs
  • gives greater stamina

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