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Chakra = Moon bird; Asana = Posture

In neutral table top position, hands are shoulder distance apart, shoulders stacked over wrists. Knees are hip distance apart, hips stacked over knees. Fingers are spread wide and weight is evenly pressed into the mat. Spine lengthens from the tailbone to the crown of the head, shoulders are relaxed away from the ears. Arms rotate such that the eyes of the elbows face forward. On an inhale, right arm reaches forward and left leg reaches back. Arm and leg are both lifted parallel to the mat. One line of energy reaches from toe tip to finger tip. Abdomen is engaged. On an exhale, right elbow is drawn to left knee as the spine curls toward the sky. Pelvis and shoulders remain stable as leg and arm move independently. Repeat on other side.

Benefits of the posture:

  • stabilizes spine and pelvis
  • excellent for low back pain
  • massages kidneys, abdominal organs and adrenal glands

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