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Upavista = Seated, upright; Kona = Angle; Asana = Posture

Torso sits comfortably upright, sit bones rooted to the earth. Legs are separated out to a V shape at a 450 angle or more. If the torso is rolling back off of the sit bones a cushion should be used under the hips. Hands are placed under the backs of the thighs and the thighs are rotated inward such that the kneecaps are pointing straight up. The backs of the legs are pressed in to the earth as the kneecaps are drawn toward the pelvis. Feet are flexed. Hands are placed in front of the body shoulder width apart as the torso is hinged forward at the hips. Each inhalation deepens the pose from a point below the navel such that the low abdomen would be the first point to reach the earth. Hands then clasp the sides of the feet or big toes and the support of the arms is used to draw the torso gently forward. Shoulder blades are relaxed and back.

Benefits of the posture:

  • strengthens the quadriceps while stretching the hamstrings, hips and groin
  • tractions and lengthens the spine
  • massages the perineum and facilitates prostate and eliminatory health
  • massages kidneys and adrenal glands

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