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Paschima = Western, posterior part of the body; Uttana = Intense

Sit bones are rooted firmly into the mat and the legs are stretched out in front. Knee caps are drawn up and quadriceps are engaged. Torso is hinged forward at the hips and feet are clasped. Variations for clasping the feet include yogi toe lock of the big toe or hands to the outside edges of the feet. Shoulder blades are drawn down and back. Forehead reaches towards the toes. Feet remain flexed.Torso lengthens with each inhale and releases with each exhale.

Benefits of the posture:

  • tractions and lengthens the spine
  • opens the sides of the rib cage and the lateral muscles of the back
  • massages reproductive organs and reproductive system
  • creates full breathing for the backs of the lungs
  • aligns the spine and extremities

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