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Prassirita = Separated; Pada = Legs, feet; Uttana = Intense Stre

Heels are parallel to the edge of the mat and legs are 3 – 4 feet apart. The torso is lengthened through the rib cage and the crown of the head and then folded forward at the hips. Hands rest under the shoulders on the mat or reach for the outside edge of the feet or ankles. Weight is in the toes, quadriceps are engaged. Shoulder lift away from the ears. Forehead reaches toward the floor and eventually touches the earth. Release is with a flat back, hands on hips to standing.

Benefits of the posture:

  • lengthens and stabilizes hamstring muscles
  • tractions the spine and hydrates the spinal discs.
  • strengthens and stabilizes the legs
  • invigorates the brain
  • circulates fluids and energy to the brain

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