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Garuda = Divine Bird; Asana = Posture

From standing, both arms reach straight overhead. For the right side: on an exhale, the right arm swings under the left wrapping at the elbow and the wrist. Pinky fingers face in. Knees are bent, weight is in the heels. Weight is shifted to the left leg. The right leg is lifted and wrapped around the left at the thigh and the calf. If possible, the ankle is hooked around the ankle of the left leg. Hips are squared to the front. Elbows, knees, wrists and ankles are in one straight line. Elbows can be drawn down (variation 1) or lifted (variation 2). Pelvis is brought into an upright and neutral position as much as possible. Shoulders are relaxed and drawn down the back.

Benefits of the posture:

  • strengthens arms and legs
  • increases circulation in all major joints of the body releasing fresh blood and oxygen to them upon release
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • massages abdominal and pelvic organs

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