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Nata = Dance; Raja = King; Asana = Posture

From standing, one arm reaches towards the sky while the other is bent at the waist palm facing up. The leg closest to the bent elbow is drawn up and into the palm of the hand. Palm of the hand remains facing up and is not flipped down to achieve the grip. Knees are drawn together. Torso is lifted up out of the waist. The bent leg then presses into the hand as the torso is naturally drawn forward. Hips remain square to the mat such that the back leg rises up above the head and not out to the side. Gaze is forward, neck is lengthened, eyes are soft. Palm of the reaching arm is face down but lifted and in line with the third eye center.

Benefits of the posture:

  • strong opening for the front side of the body
  • creates balance
  • massages abdominal and pelvic organs

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