Lotus Petal Yoga


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Tada = Mountain; Asana = Posture

Feet are parallel and hip width apart, all four corners of the feet are pressing evenly into the mat. Knee caps are lifted, quadriceps engaged, pelvis slightly tucked. Rib cage is lifted evenly from all four sides and front lower ribs are aligned gently back toward the spine. Shoulder blades are drawn down and back creating space between the collar bones. Arms are activated and reach down toward the earth palms face forward, or reach straight up towards the sky, pinky fingers spiraled inward. Breath is deep and relaxed. In SAMASTITHI variation, Palms are placed together and at heart center. Breath is deep and relaxed. Eyes are closed or gaze is soft and unfocused.

Benefits of the posture:

  • improves overall posture
  • provides alignment for poses
  • supports healthy joins
  • expands intercostals area for better breathing
  • creates space in the abdominal cavity for digestive health.

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